Double Win for DVR at Coppi

It has been a while since you last heard from us; but don’t worry, we didn’t take a break from racing. The 2013 road season is done and dusted but not without tremendous victories for District Velocity p/b the Bicycle Pro Shop. In the coming weeks we are going to replay for you some of our greatest hits.

We start with the 1…2… punch of Hannah Arem and Kevin Cross. You have seen their names before on these pages and their pictures have featured prominently on both Facebook and our Twitter feed (@dvrcycling). Now that the chaos of immediate post-race life has passed, Hannah and Kevin took a second and sat down with Stacey Wagner and gave her this story:



After a strong early season, both Kevin and Hannah laid claim to the top spot on the podium at Giro di Coppi, one of MABRA’s more grueling tests of attrition. Kevin, in a solo effort, took the top spot in the men’s 1/2/3 race crossing the line out of sight from the rest of the field. Hannah took a different approach, working with the field until the finale where she out sprinted her remaining competition in the women’s 4 race.

Both had distinct plans coming into the race, for Hannah the plan was to let the course and its unrelenting hills ride her competition thin. Whereas for Mr. Cross came in with the attitude that well-timed aggression was his best tool. As usual, the defining moment in their respective races came without warning.

Pro-style celebration for a huge victory

Pro-style celebration for a huge victory

A momentary flash of potential that both Hannah and Kevin seized upon before it vanished into oblivion– the defining moment of each race. In Kevin’s case his plan of aggression worked and a break of 7 riders were able to establish a 2-minute lead within 13 miles of launching. What followed was 30 miles of cooperation from the members of the breakaway. It was “bike racing at its best” according to Mr. Cross.

For Hannah, a solo effort propelled her from the cat 4 field.  Eventually she was joined by 1 other rider and the 2 of them were able to catch the 1/2/3 field. As the finale loomed, that “terrible uphill sprint,” Hannah poised herself to give it all she had and not to leave anything for chance. She jumped, like mighty Athena herself,…and, knowing the steepness of the gradient up the final 75 meters, she didn’t let off until she had passed the finish line– in victory!

As for Kevin, he didn’t leave anything to chance either.  The final lap of the race was fierce with attacks coming from all sides.  About 3 miles from the finish, on a climb, a small group surged ahead.  Kevin stuck to the back of that group as it shattered the remaining break.  The surge eased and Kevin pounced like a jaguar on its prey.  To his surprise no one came with him and for 3 long miles he drove the pace until the sweet taste of victory was on his lips.

The coveted Fausto Coppi bobble head...not to be confused with Fausto, America's favorite cat

The coveted Fausto Coppi bobble head…not to be confused with Fausto, America’s favorite cat

And bobbleheads flowed!

Next up… 2 weekends 2 champions.

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