Welcome to the 2012 District Velocity Racing Team

Holy MABRA Batman, we nearly missed it!  We’ve been out riding and racing so much this season that we nearly missed the opportunity to introduce the team to our fellow bike racers, fans and the readers of cycling blogs worldwide.  So just as blue and white are the new black, July is the new January when it comes to team introductions.  We are sure you have seen us out there, that sometimes pigmentally challenged and beard toting (not our women’s squad) bike racers who with flowing manes of hair and high socks (UCI compliant length of course) have been fighting for a wheel at the end of DC Velo’s vaunted lead-out train, marking Hume’s talented cycling prodigy Joe Dombrowski or X/O Communication’s new national champion Adam Farabaugh or chasing down breakaways driven by Pete Custer and the powerhouse Bike Doctor team.  Needless to say this has been an impressive year in MABRA and congratulations to everyone for making it one of the nation’s most dominate cycling regions.  But, if you would please lend us the spotlight for a minute we would like to introduce the 2012 District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycling Pro Shop team. 

2012 DVR Team Camp at the Raw Talent Ranch


At the outset we would like to thank all of our sponsors for their generous support.  Our success depends on their contributions and we encourage all of you to take some time and visit them.  For 2012 we welcome back our title sponsor and Georgetown’s finest bike shop– Bicycle Pro Shop.  In addition we would like to welcome back the Farm at Sunnyside, Raw Talent Ranch, Twisted Brazz Studio, Let Larry Do It and Inward Outward Designs.  New for 2012 we proudly welcome Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar and level2 Development.


Kevin Showing Off One of His Many Secret Talents

District Velocity is excited to return many members of our 2011 team which on the bike is led by our Cat 2 squad of Tony Abate, faithful club president, Dennis Bodewits and Kevin Cross. Off the bike, in addition to Tony, the club continues to move forward through the help of club vice president Martin Austermuhle and membership coordinator Matt Ringer.  Back on the bike, our exciting Cat 3, Cat 4 and 5 squads keep getting bigger and smaller as guys move up to higher categories.  In that fashion, we are pleased that Tom Simchak moved up last week to become the newest Cat 3 on DVR.  We are also stoked about our growing women’s team which features three fast yet fun ladies who are not afraid to mix it up in the pace line with the guys. 

New Addition Rob Kelly at Turkey Hill Climbing the “Wall”

In addition to the returning stars, District Velocity Racing also added some new faces to its blue and white armada.  This includes the return of crowd favorite Lance Anderson who is re-joining the Cat 2 squad and has already made a huge impact.  Following a brief stint away from DVR, Lance was happy to reconnect with his D.C. roots and DVR is jazzed to have him back. 

In addition, Cat 2 and Adams Morgan fixture Rob Kelly comes to DVR in his 9th season of bike racing.  Coming off a strong off-season which included poaching Strava segments in Loudoun County and its environs, Rob is looking forward to the second half of the season and the long hot road races.  On top of his on-the-bike accomplishments, DVR is stoked to have Rob on board to provide guidance on hair styling and looking good in race photos. 

New to bike racing is Cat 5 and Masters racer, Dave Muse.  Although he’s been a regular fixture on group rides for years, this is Dave’s first year racing.  Despite his newness, Dave has exploded onto the scene with strong and stylish performances at Greenbelt, up in Pennsylvania and recently at Giro di Coppi.   Dave is the Artistic Director of DC’s own Studio Theater and DVR is particularly excited that he brings with him style and culture that has been heretofore missing from our team training rides.

We look forward to seeing you on the road and then in the mud for the rest of 2012.    

Kevin Cross and Grayson Church Mixing it Up Early Season Style at Black Hills

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