Two Weekends Two Champions

In our continuing story line, a few days after his Fausto-Coppi-bobblehead-grabbing-jaw-dropping performance in Maryland, Kevin Cross was back at it again outside of Charlottesville at the Miller School Road Race which also happened to be the age-graded road race championship.  After the dust settled, Messr. Cross hoisted the gold medal and earned himself a coveted MABRA jersey as the 2013 Men’s 35+ district champion.  A few days later he sat down and told us how he did it, this was his story:

IMG_2128 IMG_2132 “Teammate Rob Kelly joined me for (Miller School), his first Masters race, and once again, our strategy was about aggression – putting someone in the early break to allow the others to sit in the field.  We both ended up with early chances and I managed to escape with Scott Giles and ABRT’s George Ganoung and Kelly Benefit Strategies’ Craig Syndal.

Our break – as at Coppi – put time into the field early which then smoothly rotated until the last lap. Syndal lost ground on the mid-lap climb, and Giles and Ganoung, both powerful time trialists, put in attacks on the final descent to the finish.  I stuck on Giles’ wheel on the final uphill kilometer, and managed to nose by in the final two hundred meters for my first MABRA jersey.

Winning is a great feeling, but the sensation that sticks with me is of working together with other teams’ riders as allies. It’s a contrast to the normal confusion of the peloton and a period of efficiency and order beneath the madness that is bike racing.”

A few days later, DVR and Hannah Arem came to town in Luray for the MABRA road race championship.

1012704_10151804628159273_252908096_nOn a now famous intense course which features both high speeds and steep ascents Hannah was in her element.  She would use her natural strength and ability to her advantage in this race.  In coming away with the victory she put a capstone on a tremendously successful season.  In her own words this is how she did it:

“I started by getting some good advice from the race veterans on where to attack, and did my best to wear people out on the climbs. After the first break, I ended up with a group of five who cooperated beautifully in a rotating paceline at a strong pace.  However, even though we maintained a solid speed, no one tried anything, probably because it was raining pretty hard. On the final lap, near the top of a long climb, I hit the accelerator.  I felt like my lungs were about to burst and I began to wonder about my attack timing, but the motor ref came up to me to say I had 20 seconds on the group.  That was enough motivation to go harder.   I went into the final stretch of road, rounded the last corner and attacked the last climb with everything I had left.  I gave it everything and crossed the line slightly dizzy, but victorious!”

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