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District Velocity Racing is a competitive cycling team based in Washington, D.C. Founded in early 2008. The team is comprised of approximately 35 members who compete in over 40 races from March-September in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and the District of Columbia.

Our sponsors and partners help us expand upon the successful cycling seasons. Where sponsors and partners will help the team continue developing into one of the region’s best amateur cycling teams, we help our sponsors and partners better promote their name, products, and services to a wide audience of potential consumers.

But why sponsor a cycling team? District Velocity Racing is one of the region’s most consistent teams, posting impressive results in men’s and women’s categories. We offer unrivaled visibility for sponsors, and we do so in a region that is rich in cycling and continues to show growth.


District Velocity Racing was founded in order to:

  • Promote cycling in the Washington, D.C. Metro area by providing cyclists with an inclusive team environment in which to train and compete.
  • Support all team members (male, female, and master) to perform competitively and achieve their goals.
  • Develop positive ties between cycling and the local community through involvement in local events.
  • Maintain the tradition of sportsmanship that is a hallmark of competitive cycling and to personify cycling’s positive attributes on the road and in the community.


From our humble beginnings in 2008 as a group of novices, the team has grown and diversified, winning marquee races and attracting attention throughout the Mid-Atlantic. While in 2008 we were mostly novice racers, our 35 members now include elite riders and a strong squad of men and women competing at all levels. We field racers in Men’s, Women’s and Master’s races, ensuring a presence in virtually every event at local races.


The Right Audience – Cyclists and their supporters tend to be affluent, making for a strategic advertising demographic. According to the National Sporting Goods Association, over 62 percent of households that ride bikes make more than $50,000 a year, with 23 percent making over $100,000 a year.

Visibility – Think of the members of a cycling team as rolling billboards, with the name and logos of their sponsors featured prominently on the team uniforms that they wear during year round rides and races over the course of the seven-month season. With your name on a team uniform, you’re guaranteeing thousands of hours of mobile visibility.

Exposure – Sponsoring a cycling team doesn’t just include having your name and logo on a jersey. Many local teams sponsor races which attract hundreds of cyclists and fans, giving sponsors a full day worth of exposure. And teams have other resources, including websites and team tents– all of which will include a sponsor’s name and logo.

A Smart and Sustainable Investment – With cycling’s increasing popularity and a heightened sense of environmental awareness throughout the country, sponsoring a cycling team is a progressive and environmentally-conscious investment in a sustainable and increasingly popular activity.


On top of successful seasons, members of District Velocity Racing ride their bikes a lot – some say obsessively. What does this mean? We’re out on the road more than most, and we’re almost always in team uniform. That translates into unrivaled visibility for the logos and names of our sponsors and partners.

In Competition – As a sponsor of District Velocity Racing, your name and logo will appear on the uniform and website of one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s most active teams. A majority of our members typically participate in more than 30 races from March to September, and in many of those races we fielded multiple racers for different events. That amount of racing takes dedicated training – more than 100,000 miles over the course of 6,500 hours during the year, to be exact. Team members had structured training sessions on local roads Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays throughout the year, along with the additional miles each and every team member logs individually.

In the Community – Outside of competition, District Velocity Racing offers sponsor visibility among an inclusive and growing cycling community. The members of the race team started riding together on a Sunday community ride, a 40-mile weekly outing that attracts 25-70 riders year-round. We don’t easily forget our roots, and Sunday is still reserved for that ride, where new recreational riders are warmly welcomed into the fold – among a sea of team uniforms.

If you would like more information or want to talk to District Velocity Racing’s Sponsorship Coordinator, please contact team leadership!