Second Place is the New Victory

There’s something about second-place finishes at Page Valley for District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop, it seems.

Over the weekend, Grant finished second in the Cat 4 road race, capping off a strong season that saw him land second place in the Tour of Washington County road race and crit and third overall in the GC. But much like in 2010, being runner-up this year had its perks.

See, Grant’s a Virginia resident, and he was the first Virginia resident to cross the line. That means that he not only nailed a podium spot, but walked away with as the Virginia road race champion! Last year, Corey also finished second in the Cat 4 road race at Page Valley, but being that the one guy that beat him wasn’t a MABRA racer, he also walked away with the championship jersey. And in showing that finishing second at Page Valley is our business, back in 2009 Dennis was bested by only one other person in the Cat 4 road race. Freaky.

Otherwise, another great weekend in Page Valley, and as usual, fantastic organizing and promoting by Chris Gould et al. It was especially nice of them to arrange for weather that didn’t hit the 100-degree mark on Saturday.

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