Race Report: Greenbelt

Are we going to produce a race report for each of the 16 Greenbelts this year? Probably not, but the first one was good enough for District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop to merit mention.

In the B race, Nate Gazzetta landed himself the victory, thus assuring that he’ll be wearing the leader’s jersey next week! Nate’s following in the large footsteps of Dennis, who won the B race series in 2009, and Jon, who took third place in the same series last year. It’s obviously too early to call an overall victory for Nate, unless every Greenbelt from now on is called due to freak weather. Which they might. Regardless, congrats to him on the early season win! Additional props to Matt for taking fifth — good enough for a point!

As for the A race, Dennis got about as close to succeeding in a breakaway as you can in Greenbelt, but it again came down to a bunch sprint in which I managed fifth place. Now, this wouldn’t otherwise be a big deal, but this is my first Greenbelt A series point ever, so I’m happy. Again, if that freak weather cancels every Greenbelt from now on in and the four finishers in front of me abandon the sport, I’ll win the series! Here’s to hoping.



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