Grayson Church on Fire— Claims Top Spot at Page Valley

The off-season is the best time to make progress in fitness, form, equipment, etc. . .   That is what a wise man once told this commentator.  Grayson Church took that advice to heart last off-season and came into the 2012 season with incredible form and lots of miles in his legs.  It was as clear as day at the District Velocity team training camp at Lost River back in March that Grayson was going to be a star this season.  Then tragedy struck at Jefferson Cup.  About 250 meters from the finish in a hotly contested Cat 3 edition, Grayson found himself caught up in a massive pile up.  The butcher’s bill for that crash was a broken collarbone, a severely fractured scapula and a completely separated shoulder (along with all the road rash).

April 1, 2012. Charlottesville, VA.

For many it would have been a season ending injury; but Grayson was determined not to miss the entirety of 2012.  To the extent his doctors allowed, he slowly worked his way back on the bike and back to training, and it all paid off when he returned to competitive form at this year’s Page Valley road race where he stepped up on to the top place of the podium in the Masters 35+ 3/4 race.

Getting back into the swing of things was the goal but all bets are off when the blood gets flowing. On the second lap up the finishing climb Grayson followed an attack over the crest. A small group established itself and found daylight. The group worked together extremely well and built a sizable gap over the next lap. Halfway up the penultimate climb the lead was 90 seconds, at which point the cat and mouse games began. Going into the final climb, Grayson bided his time and then unleashed a lost season’s worth of frustration into one final attack. Even Zeus’ mighty thunderbolt was no match for the fury of Grayson’s massive charge.

A season later and the “W’ feels so good

Victory was his and it was captured with hipstamatic style!!!

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