DVR Goes in Double for Two Wins in One Weekend

This weekend the top of the podium in two states was occupied by a pair of District Velocity’s finest.  Starting up north at the Eastern Collegiate Conference Championship, Hannah Arem again donned Yale’s finest and went to work.  First in the team time trial and then in the road race.   In the team time trial Yale’s squad took fourth in the A field.

In the 43-mile road race featuring 4800 feet of climbing in the picturesque Black Moshannon State Park Hannah shined.  The steady long grades were just what the doctor ordered for Dr. Arem, one of Yale’s newest PhD.  The size of

This is what fast look likes from the official's camera

This is what fast look likes from the official’s camera

the women’s field slowly shrank under the increasing pressure until only four remained.  Two of the ladies escaped leaving Hannah and a West Point compatriot to fight it out for third.  True to form Hannah turned the screws on her competition during a long climb shattering her opponent’s will to fight.  She finished third on the day and first overall.  A truly incredible run.

Down south at the Tour of Page County, Kevin Cross and an intrepid crew in the cat 2/3 and Master’s 35+ field went to work in three stages over two days.  The team rode solid in the first two stages but the third stage is where DVR’s strong man flexed his muscles.  The final stage of the Tour of Page County is a devilishly hard technical crit.  It features a steep climb and a figure 8 course with several tight turns.  Add to this year’s addition a large field and a fresh rain storm and the stage was set for a hard race.

Kevin and Tony sharing the victory at TOPC

Kevin and Tony sharing the victory at TOPC

It only took a couple of laps before the field started shrinking dramatically.  Kevin and cohort Tony Abate stayed up front and out of trouble as the back of the field splintered along with the legs of many of the area’s best riders.

Kevin attacked, attacked again, and then attacked another time.  With about 5 laps to go Kevin put in a dig over the crest of the climb and got a gap.

The primal roar of VICTORY!

The primal roar of VICTORY!



What followed was nothing less than amazing– the will of one man held off the fight of the whole pack.  For the next five laps Kevin held a 10 second gap on the field.  An unrelenting effort and a never say  die attitude brought Kevin to the finish line, the winner.  A truly deserving victory for a valiant competitor.

Next up is Turkey Hill and Bunny Hop.

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