DVR Descends on the Jefferson Cup

Among the prizes of the MABRA calendar the Jefferson Cup stands pretty darn tall.  Every inch of the course is hotly contested.  Even the neutral roll-out is contested.  In fact, it might not be an overstatement to say that it’s the fastest neutral roll-out east of the Mississippi.  You would either have to be a stronger bike racer than most or simply not racing if you were to utter the words “Jeff Cup, that was easy.”

A spirited group of the finest that District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop can offer made the short drive through some of the prettiest countryside to Charlottesville on Sunday.  Veterans of the race can tell you, the weather at Jeff Cup can play a big role.  It can either be the most miserable experience of the year with 2c (metric is cool) and rain or it can be picture perfect, sunny and warm.  This year it was the latter, the first genuinely Spring like day of the year.

A portion of the DVR squad that raced Jeff Cup.  (Left to right standing) Rob, Myke, Tony, Silver Fox, Grayson (kneeling) Dolan and Kevin

A portion of the DVR squad that raced Jeff Cup. (Left to right standing) Rob, Myke, Tony, Silver Fox, Grayson (kneeling) Dolan and Kevin

DVR fielded a small but determined group spread among the Cat 5 and 4 races, the Masters 35+ field and finally the Pro 1/2/3 race.  And the guys who put themselves into the grinder did so with true DVR spirit.  The day would see desperate breakaway attempts, leg splintering climbs and explosive field sprints.  In the end DVR walked away with a top 5 in the Cat 5 race from PJ and a host of good race stories .

In the Pro 1/2/3 race DVR was lead by Kevin Cross who with reckless abandon threw himself off the front again and again.  On multiple occasions, Mr. Cross found himself up the road with genuine pros and the best MABRA has to offer.  A strong and smart racer, Kevin put himself in what many thought was the move of the day about mid-race.  A small but stacked break developed which featured the right mix of racers.  Only a desperate chase by the field was able to reel the escapees back in.

In the Masters 35+ field, Messrs. Patrick Dolan, Sam McCadney, a/k/a/ the Silver Fox and Grayson Church revived their previous roles as animators of the race and stalkers of the pointy end of the field.  Always mindful of staying up front, these road warriors put themselves into breaks and drove the field when necessary, including a massive late race effort by the Silver Fox.  Ultimately a field sprint consumed the bunch; but it was not without a serious effort by these three to make the field a wee bit smaller.

Overall it was a solid weekend for District Velocity Racing and there is nothing but good omens for the coming weekend of slightly more local racing to come.  Next up Chantilly and Carl Dolan.

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