DVR Bids Farewell to the 2009 Season

br2From Jeff Cup and the early-season races to Turkey Day and the late-season contests, through multiple peaks and various transitions, from races down the road to races many states away, with thousands of dollars thrown into keeping the bikes running and many more thousands buying razors to keep our legs smooth and supple — it’s been a memorable 2009 season for District Velocity Racing p/b The Bike Rack, only our second ever.

We held our first training camp in March, riding the rough roads of West Virginia in drizzly Spring weather that made us feel like Belgian hard men and women. We corralled ourselves some fantastic sponsors, got pro fits for our bikes, ordered a first batch of custom socks and re-designed the team kit. We each put in anywhere from 40-60 hours on the bike a month, logging an average of 500 monthly training miles per racer.

br1We started the season with most of the team in Cat 4 and Cat 5; we’ve finished with one guy in Cat 1, three guys in Cat 2, a good chunk more in Cat 3 and a strong group of contenders and new racers in Cat 4 and Cat 5. We won some big races and placed strongly in others, taking in more 17 wins, 47 podium spots and 113 top 10 finishes. Local stage races seemed to be our thing — we took the victory in the Cat 3 GC and took third and fifth in the Cat 4 GC at Tour of Washington County, took third and fifth in the Cat 4 GC at the Tour de Ephrata and won individual stages at Washington County, Ephrata and the Tour of Lancaster County.

We got ourselves a MABRA championship jersey, a KOM jersey from the Green Mountain Stage Race and a Greenbelt jersey. We placed three guys in the top 5 for the Cat 4 BAR. We manned teams in stage races as far away as Massachusetts and Vermont. We established a track team; so far, four men strong. We also saw a few broken bones and our fair share of road rash, not to mention a few hospital stays.

We kept growing our Master’s and Women’s squads, and they’re sure to keep representing in 2010. We wisely decided that maybe a Junior Development Squad isn’t a good idea, though. After all, we wouldn’t even trust ourselves with our own kids, let alone other peoples.

br3Maybe most importantly, though, we kept building the strong team dynamic that was the founding purpose of the team. There was always plenty of support to go around, whether having teammates yelling on the sidelines or a dedicated group of guys showing up every week to defend our team leader at Greenbelt. There were our monthly team dinners, where we ate more food, drank more beer and talked more trash than might be good for athletes-in-training. Nicknames were earned or assigned. Our team listserv extended its reputation as a place for serious discussion, reflection and thought. Or childish jokes, s**t-talking and dire warnings for anyone who posted TdF spoilers. Either way.

The season wouldn’t have been what it was without the support of our sponsors (check ‘em out here), families, friends and significant others. Seriously, for anyone who has the misfortunate of dating any of us, we’re sorry. We promise that you’ve got at least two weeks coming of off-the-bike time. After that, though, it’s off-season base-building time, so get ready for more lonesome hours. We’d also like to thank all of the other teams and racers and the officials and promoters that make the Mid-Atlantic racing scene what it is. None of this would be any fun without the hard work that everyone put into organizing and running races, racing safely and making our area a great place to ride.

So that’s that. We’re not going into hiding, though. We have a few guys pursuing cross this year, which should make for some hilarity come the first races. And we’ll still be out on the roads, though maybe a little slower and a little fatter. But before you know it, we’ll be in 2010 and nervously awaiting Jeff Cup again.


  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

    Viking, you bring the kriegskullhammersfelstzungplatz every time.

  2. Wow. Big year for you guys. Congrats.

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