Dolan Steps Onto Podium at Psychocross

DVR’s Patrick Dolan has had a great start to this year’s CX season.  In fact he’s spent so much time on the podium this season that the podium has separation anxiety during the weekdays.  On October 6th Patrick a/k/a/ “Super Dolan” lined up for the Master’s 35+ 3/4 edition of Psychocross, the second race in the Sportif Cross Cup series.  At the start of the day Super Dolan sat in sixth place in the series overall looking to move up.  Dolan is a pure power rider and can be a crafty one on technical punchy courses like this.   In fact, he had won this race last year and felt the importance of the moment as he stared intentfully onward before the whistle blew.

Super Dolan en fuego!

A prime was announced for the first lap just over the first run up.  Dolan made a go for the prime mostly to make sure he stayed among the lead riders in case anyone tried to break after the run up.  He stayed in about the top six for the rest of the race and eventually finished third which put him second overall in the series.

According to Super Dolan the race was its own hell on earth but it wasn’t boring. Super fast conditions existed because of the dry grassy course.  During the warm-up lap he zeroed in on a first lap danger area, the first downhill after the initial run up.  Its steepness, ruts, and kind of a blind turn lead to an equally challenging off-camber climb made him concerned for first lap jittery crashes.   Dolan, with veteran savvy took the turn wide  not even realizing a sharper grassy path existed above and to the right. Sure enough the guy who would have been in front of him crashed on this grassy section.

Patrick bunny hopped the logs to gain valuable time. and with his gazelle-like speed he made easy work of the run ups. His bike slid, bucked, and nose-dived so many times he found it comical.  The eventual winner and series leader stayed off the front for much of the race.  Patrick, with about four other compatriots tried to bring him back but the group splintered under the extreme pressure of the relentless pace.

The great finish moved Super Dolan up into third in the series.  It’s still a long way to the end, but if he keeps up this pace many more great results are still to come. 

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