District Velocity Podiums…A LOT

Our cup runneth over this weekend at the All-American Road Race…you know the one formerly known as Murad, and Ft. Ritchie.  While the exact contours of the contemporary podium (is it 3 or is it now 5 spots) is no longer clear, we are confident that 7 top tens on the weekend is a solid effort for District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop.

The most exciting part of these 7 top tens is that they came in a variety of fashions.  In fact, it was almost as many ways as varieties of our favorite espresso drinks from FIlter Coffeehouse and Espresso Bar.  It started with Dave Muse who delivered a second place with a tour de force sprint in the 35+ cat 5.  That was followed by Josh Wadsworth who claimed his first top 5 for the boys in blue & white in the men’s cat 5.  Hannah Arem rounded out a phenomenal morning with another great performance in the Women’s Cat 4 claiming a 4th place.

At midday we were treated to a top ten finish by savy Missourian turned Marylander turned Arlingtonian Patrick Dolan in the 35+ cat 3/4 race.   His top ten came complete with a solid team effort from Chas Offutt and Grayson Church who took turns making sure the field stayed in control until Dolan could deliver the goods in the sprint.

The day wasn’t done yet.  In the afternoon DVR put up two more top fives.  First it was Sam McCadney who took a late race solo flyer in the Cat 3 field.  In a move that lesser men would dub as desperation, the Silver Fox cooly served up a full plate of awesomeness, fighting off a hard charging field for second place.

The day ended with Tony Abate in the cat 1/2/3/ field.  In one of the boldest, toughest and down right courageous performances seen in MABRA, Tony controlled the field and led the effort to bring back a dangerous early break. In the last lap he capitalized off that effort, joining a small breakaway that would fight against the will of the entire pack and succeed.  In the end, as the field clipped at the heels of the break, Tony sprinted for a well deserved fifth place. 

But folks, that was just Saturday and weekends around these parts have two days.  And DVR’s success, unlike the mail, gets delivered on Sundays too.    At the border of Maryland and the north, the master’s 55+ field was alit with the best MABRA has raised this last half century.  Among them was DVR’s Tony Allen-Mills.  T2 to those in the know, would weather the fury and storm of his competition and emerge at the end with a solid ninth place.  

Phew, I’m worn out.  Next up, Tour of Page County and the first stage race of the season!

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