Jeremiah Bishop’s Gran Fondo

Dan and Family

     Among the many joys of being on a District Velocity is the off season.  It’s that time of year where the training mode gives way to riding mode.  Common folk usually fail to distinguish racers and riders, except in noticing the unusual wildness in a bike racer’s eyes–a fearsome psychic state akin in freakiness to a […]

Dolan Steps Onto Podium at Psychocross

Super Dolan en fuego!

DVR’s Patrick Dolan has had a great start to this year’s CX season.  In fact he’s spent so much time on the podium this season that the podium has separation anxiety during the weekdays.  On October 6th Patrick a/k/a/ “Super Dolan” lined up for the Master’s 35+ 3/4 edition of Psychocross, the second race in the […]