GamJams Reviews – Aspen Cool Collar


If you’re going to review something, you want to make sure you do it the most extreme circumstances possible, right? There’s no sense in testing wheels on a 10-mile leisure ride, much less would I have tried out the Aspen Cool Collar on anything but the hottest race day of the year – the Page […]

GamJams Reviews: Seat Packs – Team Car

team car

Sorry, guys. We’re going to have to refer to Rule 30 of The Official Euro Cyclist Code of Conduct, which clearly states: “ABSOLUTELY NO FORM of seatbag, frame pump, mud guard or mirror shall come within two (2) metres of one’s bike.” A team car or a teammate is the only way to carry a […]

GamJams Reviews: Bottle Cages – Trek Bat Cage

bat cage

Of all the things I have on my bike, the one accessory I least paid attention to was my bottle cages. After all, bottle cages are meant to be utilitarian, and provided they don’t clash horribly with your bike’s paint job or your team kit, the chances that anyone will ever comment on the piece […]

Training Tips from the Master: Hydration


Note from Martin: This week we’re starting a series of training tips from Jonathan, our resident PhD, published author, lover of all things Australia and captain of the team’s small yet vicious Masters squad. To start things off, he takes aim at hydration. I’ve given this one a close read, since not enough water and […]

GamJams Reviews: On-Bike Nutrition – The Other Stuff


Nutrition during a race isn’t rocket science — it’s whatever is easiest to eat and will get you the energy you need the fastest. In a word, gels of some variety. But when we’re not racing, a little diversity in on-bike nutrition isn’t only preferable, it’s vital for our sanity. Gels are great and all, […]

GamJams Reviews: The Next Upgrade – CycleOps PowerTap


It’s funny how our cycling computing needs change as we become more serious about the sport. First we’re happy just riding a bike. Then we get our first computer, and it’s mildly thrilling to see how fast and how far we’ve gone. Eventually we start delving a little deeper, focusing on average and max speeds. […]

GamJams Reviews: Sunglasses – Giro Convert


We cyclists are a vain bunch, so I’ll just come out and say it — most cycling glasses look dumb in a non-cycling context. That’s just how it is. Those fancy Oakley sunglasses that all the pros wear for their superior optics, sweat-shedding properties and aerodynamic stylings? They look great in the peloton and awful […]

I Got Dropped — A How-To Guide

You know it’s bound to be a bad day when by mile 15 of a 57-mile race you start hoping for a flat or a mechanical just so you have an excuse to drop out that’s not, “I just can’t hang with these guys.” But my wheels remained inflated and my bike mechanically sound, unfortunately, […]

GamJams Reviews Pt. 2: Shoes – Specialized BG S-Works


Just like Corey (or should I call him “Mr. Sensitive Feet”?), I used to ride some entry-level Specialized road shoes. There wasn’t really a good reason — the price had been right, the fit felt good and I had had good experiences with their mountain shoes in the past. But as this season approached and […]

GamJams Reviews Pt. 1: Shoes, Lots of Shoes


We all know that pain and discomfort is a major part of competitive cycling — elevated heart rates, labored breathing, the burn of lactic acid in your legs — these are all part of the game. However, there’s no reason for your choice of footwear to be the primary cause of pain while riding. Unfortunately, […]