David Bender Lands DVR’s First Podium of the Year

Calm cool and collected, David Bender at DVR Team Camp 2013.

Bike Doctor’s Black Hills Circuit Race has marked the beginning of MABRA’s race calendar for the last couple of years.  Despite its relative youth Black Hills has quickly taken its place among MABRA’s Spring classics.  Before this weekend, we’ve dabbled a bit here and there, racing down in Williamsburg at the Tide Water Winter Classic […]

District Velocity Racing’s Newest Stars

Rolling into the future.  DVR at the Raw Talent Ranch, March 2013

District Velocity Racing p/b The Bicycle Pro Shop has had a banner off season and is so totally stoked about the dawning road season.  To that extent, DVR is proud to announce a host of new talented teammates who have joined our collective during the off season.  We have added their distinctiveness to our own   […]

Happy DVR Thanksgiving!!!

The best cure for too many Friday leftovers...Long Friday miles.

We want to pause from our hectic schedule of long base rides and take a moment to say thanks to all those people and organizations that have made this District Velocity’s best season ever (we also want to say a belated thanks to all our Canadian friends as well).   We continue to be incredibly […]

Grayson Church on Fire— Claims Top Spot at Page Valley

Grayson post Jeff Cup, ever mindful of his Twitter feed obligations

The off-season is the best time to make progress in fitness, form, equipment, etc. . .   That is what a wise man once told this commentator.  Grayson Church took that advice to heart last off-season and came into the 2012 season with incredible form and lots of miles in his legs.  It was as clear […]

District Velocity Takes the Top Step in Pennsylvania

My Name is Kevin Cross a/k/a/ Maximus Decimus Meridus

Here at District Velocity p/b Bicycle Pro Shop we love America, we love fireworks and we love bike racing.  While we have found no constitutional “scholar” to agree with us; we are positive that the emanations and penumbra of the Constitution clearly indicate that the Founding Fathers would have encouraged everyone to race their bike […]

Welcome to the 2012 District Velocity Racing Team

2012 DVR Team Camp at the Raw Talent Ranch

Holy MABRA Batman, we nearly missed it!  We’ve been out riding and racing so much this season that we nearly missed the opportunity to introduce the team to our fellow bike racers, fans and the readers of cycling blogs worldwide.  So just as blue and white are the new black, July is the new January when […]

Yep, This About Sums Up Dawg Days

dawg days

This picture was snapped by District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop teammate Marcus during the Cat 4 Men’s race, which was shortened for pretty obvious reasons. And oddly enough, this marks the second year running that a race has been cut short at the Dawg Days of Summer Circuit Race due to rainstorms of […]

Second Place is the New Victory

Grant Wins

There’s something about second-place finishes at Page Valley for District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop, it seems. Over the weekend, Grant finished second in the Cat 4 road race, capping off a strong season that saw him land second place in the Tour of Washington County road race and crit and third overall in […]

Race Report: Giro di Coppi


After weeks and weeks of what seemed like crit after crit after crit, we’re solidly in the road racing segment of the season. First up was Giro di Coppi, where District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop rolled up in a number of fields. Our best showing was in the Cat 4 race, where Matt […]

Race Report: Reston Town Center Crit


In last week’s Tour of Washington County, the District Velocity Racing p/b Bicycle Pro Shop Cat 4 men put on quite a display, finishing first, second and fourth in the Sunday crit. At yesterday’s Reston Town Center crit, that same show of force yielded another win for the team (by the same guy that won […]