David Bender Lands DVR’s First Podium of the Year

Calm cool and collected, David Bender at DVR Team Camp 2013.

Bike Doctor’s Black Hills Circuit Race has marked the beginning of MABRA’s race calendar for the last couple of years.  Despite its relative youth Black Hills has quickly taken its place among MABRA’s Spring classics.  Before this weekend, we’ve dabbled a bit here and there, racing down in Williamsburg at the Tide Water Winter Classic […]

District Velocity Racing’s Newest Stars

Rolling into the future.  DVR at the Raw Talent Ranch, March 2013

District Velocity Racing p/b The Bicycle Pro Shop has had a banner off season and is so totally stoked about the dawning road season.  To that extent, DVR is proud to announce a host of new talented teammates who have joined our collective during the off season.  We have added their distinctiveness to our own   […]

Welcome to the 2012 District Velocity Racing Team

2012 DVR Team Camp at the Raw Talent Ranch

Holy MABRA Batman, we nearly missed it!  We’ve been out riding and racing so much this season that we nearly missed the opportunity to introduce the team to our fellow bike racers, fans and the readers of cycling blogs worldwide.  So just as blue and white are the new black, July is the new January when […]

DVR Bids Farewell to the 2009 Season


From Jeff Cup and the early-season races to Turkey Day and the late-season contests, through multiple peaks and various transitions, from races down the road to races many states away, with thousands of dollars thrown into keeping the bikes running and many more thousands buying razors to keep our legs smooth and supple — it’s […]