Two Weekends Two Champions


In our continuing story line, a few days after his Fausto-Coppi-bobblehead-grabbing-jaw-dropping performance in Maryland, Kevin Cross was back at it again outside of Charlottesville at the Miller School Road Race which also happened to be the age-graded road race championship.  After the dust settled, Messr. Cross hoisted the gold medal and earned himself a coveted […]

Double Win for DVR at Coppi

The coveted Fausto Coppi bobble head...not to be confused with Fausto, America's favorite cat

It has been a while since you last heard from us; but don’t worry, we didn’t take a break from racing. The 2013 road season is done and dusted but not without tremendous victories for District Velocity p/b the Bicycle Pro Shop. In the coming weeks we are going to replay for you some of […]

Aaron Hotaling Takes the Win at Poolesville

Aaron, PJ, Josh and Elliott savoring the sweet taste of victory

Victory has a sweet flavor.  The sweetness is made even more acute when victory comes from solid teamwork.  Last weekend at the Poolesville road race, District Velocity’s new member Aaron Hotaling tasted an ice cream brownie sundae with whip cream, cherry and hot fudge on his way to the victory in the Cat 5 race. […]

DVR Goes in Double for Two Wins in One Weekend

This is what fast look likes from the official's camera

This weekend the top of the podium in two states was occupied by a pair of District Velocity’s finest.  Starting up north at the Eastern Collegiate Conference Championship, Hannah Arem again donned Yale’s finest and went to work.  First in the team time trial and then in the road race.   In the team time […]

District Velocity Podiums…A LOT

Our cup runneth over this weekend at the All-American Road Race…you know the one formerly known as Murad, and Ft. Ritchie.  While the exact contours of the contemporary podium (is it 3 or is it now 5 spots) is no longer clear, we are confident that 7 top tens on the weekend is a solid […]

DVR Descends on the Jefferson Cup

A portion of the DVR squad that raced Jeff Cup.  (Left to right standing) Rob, Myke, Tony, Silver Fox, Grayson (kneeling) Dolan and Kevin

Among the prizes of the MABRA calendar the Jefferson Cup stands pretty darn tall.  Every inch of the course is hotly contested.  Even the neutral roll-out is contested.  In fact, it might not be an overstatement to say that it’s the fastest neutral roll-out east of the Mississippi.  You would either have to be a […]

Hannah Takes Top Billing at Shippensburg

Hannah reminding us that part of every good pre-race plan is some quality time for stretching.

Three weeks into the 2013 season and DVR has it’s third podium.  Hannah Arem, taking a sabbatical from her time in in DVR blue and white, donned the blue and white (largely black because we all know that black is the new black this season) of her alma mater, Yale, and joined her college teammates […]



Frederick the Great of Prussia has been quoted as saying “l’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace” which translates to “boldness, boldness, in all things boldness.”  As hoped, neh, believed, one of District Velocity Racing’s newest additions Patrick Jarenwattananon a/k/a/ PJ, soundly accepted that mantra and with boldness befitting Frederick himself,  took the win this past weekend in […]

David Bender Lands DVR’s First Podium of the Year

Calm cool and collected, David Bender at DVR Team Camp 2013.

Bike Doctor’s Black Hills Circuit Race has marked the beginning of MABRA’s race calendar for the last couple of years.  Despite its relative youth Black Hills has quickly taken its place among MABRA’s Spring classics.  Before this weekend, we’ve dabbled a bit here and there, racing down in Williamsburg at the Tide Water Winter Classic […]

Grayson Church on Fire— Claims Top Spot at Page Valley

Grayson post Jeff Cup, ever mindful of his Twitter feed obligations

The off-season is the best time to make progress in fitness, form, equipment, etc. . .   That is what a wise man once told this commentator.  Grayson Church took that advice to heart last off-season and came into the 2012 season with incredible form and lots of miles in his legs.  It was as clear […]