Happy DVR Thanksgiving!!!

The best cure for too many Friday leftovers...Long Friday miles.

We want to pause from our hectic schedule of long base rides and take a moment to say thanks to all those people and organizations that have made this District Velocity’s best season ever (we also want to say a belated thanks to all our Canadian friends as well).   We continue to be incredibly […]

Debates of the Day: Vino and D.C. DUI

Vino Gets Booed: Yesterday Alexander Vinokourov won Liège-Bastogne-Liège, probably his biggest victory since coming back from a two-year suspension for doping. But rather than get cheered for beating a field of tough competitors, he got booed. Why? The conventional wisdom is that it’s because he’s a former doper, and once a doper, always a doper, […]

RIP, Pennsylvania Races

We’ve noticed in recent weeks that some of the usual Pennsylvania races we travel to include surprising disclaimers on their registration pages — a cycling license isn’t needed to participate. Of course, having a USA Cycling license doesn’t mean you’re a good cyclist or have passed some sort of test to measure your abilities on […]

The Bike Rack Voted Best Bike Shop in D.C.


For the second year running, The Bike Rack, our title sponsor, has been voted the District’s best bike shop by the readers of the Washington City Paper! Needless to say, we’re both proud of the achievement and take total credit for it. OK, maybe not total credit, but at least a lot of it. The […]

Dean Wagner Makes VeloNews

It’s always cool to see a local make a national publication, even more so when it’s Dean Wagner gracing a story in VeloNews.com. Wagner, who most of us know from his racing locally with the Colavita squad, is partaking in the Race Across America with a team for the U.S. military that will benefit the […]

Portraits in Professionalism


Yes, it was these two fine upstanding gentlemen who placed first and fifth in the Cat 3 GC at the Tour of Washington County this past weekend. We’re surprised, really. Not because they’re not strong riders — they are — but because they both survived the Jurassic Park-style pecking battle before the road race even […]

Calling All Computer Geeks

We’ve all felt it — that last-minute panic when you realize that registration for the next race opens in 2 minutes and you’re nowhere near a computer. And much like tickets to pretty much any good show in town, slots fill up fast. Show up 10 minutes late (at this point, you’ve likely broken into […]

You Know You’re an Obsessive Cyclist When…


Yes, that’s a Specialized BG insert in my dress shoes. If only the shoes had Specialized’s ratcheting system and were Look compatible, I’d be a happy camper.

Happy Frickin’ Bike to Work Day


For most of the people on the team, Bike to Work Day is every day. But for many a residents of the District, Maryland, and Virginia, it takes a designated day with offers of free bagels and coffee at designated pit stops to get them to ride to work instead of driving, walking, or taking […]