Calling All Computer Geeks

We’ve all felt it — that last-minute panic when you realize that registration for the next race opens in 2 minutes and you’re nowhere near a computer. And much like tickets to pretty much any good show in town, slots fill up fast. Show up 10 minutes late (at this point, you’ve likely broken into someone’s house and are furiously logging in to BikeReg) and you’re s**t out of luck.

As great as my iPhone is at finding me a good restaurant or tracking my spending, it’s of no use in this situation. The screen is too small to feasibly navigate the registration process, and with the sheer intensity of my typing I’ve crashed the whole damn thing. Isn’t there an app for this?


  1. BikeReg will let you create a team profile so that someone on the team can register everyone all at once – eliminating the need for a dozen guys to hover over their laptops hitting “reload” until the check boxes show up.

    Of course, that means that one of you has to take the responsibility of payment. But now BikeReg takes PayPal so you could theoretically have everyone who wants in pre-pay into a PayPal account, and then register out of that account.

    (I pay a lot of attention to registration.)

  2. The final page of’s shopping cart requires javascript to continue, most mobile web platforms don’t support that.

    Writing iPhone Apps isn’t too difficult for the average web developer, but the better solution may be to call for a redesign of and it’s sister sites.

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