Leadership & Roster

Comprised of male and female riders of all abilities and ages, District Velocity Racing is defined by the personalities as much as the caliber of individuals on the team. When we’re not racing our bikes, we’re economists, authors, programmers, artists, engineers, students and much more.

Team Leadership

Tony Abate, President (Email)
Martin Austermuhle, Vice-President (Email)


Tony Abate

Tony Allen-Mills

Lance Anderson

Hannah Arem

Martin Austermuhle

David Bender

Mattison Brady

Seth Carpenter

Grayson Church

Kevin Cross

Corey DiPietro

Patrick Dolan

Sebastian Felscher

Marcus Floro

Nathan Gazzetta

Jim Geiger

Luis Gonzales

Aaron Hotaling

Rasheed Jabr

 Patrick Jarenwattananon

Tom Jawetz

Rob Kelly

Steve Kusy

Elliott Largent

John LaRue

Eduardo Maeyama

Grant Mandsager

Sean McKee

Jon Moncton

Sam McCadney

David Muse

Myke Nahorniak

Dan Petalas

Pier Ponnoyer

Alex Porter

Alex Privitera

Chas Offutt

Matt Ringer

Sarah Randolph

Justin “Rez” Resnick

Tom Simchak

Josh Wadsworth